Halifax, 3 June 2009

Halifax, 3 June 2009

We are ready – may the adventure begin!

After successfully putting the first 5000 kilometers behind us, we’re happily relaxing outside our little wood cabin with a few cans of  ‘Moose head’ beer. No surprise, the moose is a popular animal here as we have finally arrived in Canada, more precisely in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The flight from Frankfurt to Halifax was uneventful – probably the best one can say these days about a transatlantic flight. Apart from a non-stop crying baby and a singing Pierce Brosnan in “Mama Mia”, the six hour Condor Airline flight was actually rather pleasant. We began to be a little nervous when we entered the arrivals hall in Halifax and approached  Canadian immigration with our one-way ticket (a provocation in other countries). But our fears were unfounded, the Canadian officer asked a few insignificant questions in French and wished us a pleasant stay in Canada – we made it!!!

Although our Archie has already arrived in Halifax’ harbor he is still held hostage in customs. Before we can embrace our friend we need to deal with a number of formalities. Our first stop the next day is therefore with ‘Atlantic Custom Brokers’. Our agent has good news for us, the Canadian customs office has already started to examine Archie, a routine procedure. However, that examination will take a while and we will not be able to retrieve our Land Rover that same day. Well then – we have a day off and nothing can stop us now from discovering Halifax!

May all Haligonians forgive us – but we conclude that one day in Halifax is sufficient in one’s lifetime. Halifax with its 373,000 inhabitants is the biggest coastal city north of Boston (USA) and played an important role in the defense of British interests on the American continent. However, in peace time, the city regularly fell asleep – and that’s still the case today. Nevertheless we enjoy the sunny day, visit a few historic sites, discover a cozy Internet café and are constantly amazed about the friendly hospitality of the Canadians.

Anyway, we will be happy to complete all formalities and to be reunited with our Archie: we have quite a journey in front of ourselves! Next stop: Montréal: despite our warnings, dear Canadian friends have invited us to stay with them. They will have hungry, a little dirty guests with a lot of time and a very tight budget! Well then – we have given you a warning – let’s go to Montreal!!!

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  1. The first post from our 2009-2011 adventure. Took a while to extract the data from back-ups. Also, at the beginning, we were not so well organised yet… From NYC onwards, text and pictures are stored together, making things easier…

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