New SnailTrails adventures in Senegal

New SnailTrails adventures in Senegal

Greetings from Dakar, Senegal !

A new adventure has begun with our arrival in Dakar, Senegal a little over a week ago!

A bit of housekeeping first: updates on our West African experiences will be posted into the “Sahel” section of the site (you can find the link here and in the top right of the page). For privacy and security reasons, some posts will be password-protected.

In the meantime, we’re exploring the city of Dakar, located on the most Western point of continental Africa. We used to come here for the fresh coastal climate, when temperatures inland went beyond 40°C. Right now we’re in the middle of the rainy season (“hivernage”) which brings much-needed irrigation water inland, but also floods in urban areas. The city is expanding fast, concrete seals natural waterways and trash clogs drainage systems…

Sun-downers with sea-views are a must here, and we’re still finding out which of the multitude of spots will become our favourite…

Stay tuned for further, more regular (promised!) updates!

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